What We Do

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iSoty Software Services Pvt. Ltd., is a service oriented company providing a comprehensive, robust solutions with its focus on Software Designing and Development. Products developed at iSoty include iSoty – an intelligent Society, Inventory Management, A reporting system for ICAR, Product Manufacturing Control, Online web store Sunita’s design (sunitasdesigns.com) and Beauty Bucklet, Scheme Management System to name a few.

We do creative web designing. Our people are experts in HTML, JavaScript and jQuery. They have the knowledge of WordPress and Microsoft’s Expression Studio.
Our development team consists of experts in Java/J2EE, ASP.Net, PHP, MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server. They have gained experience in deployment and hosting.

The projects are well tested both for quality and performance before release.
We work with you to determine your needs.
• Keep you up to speed by providing weekly or monthly updates of project progress.
• Make sure your project is completed in a timely yet affordable manner.

With years of experience in project management, our staff of seasoned programmers well versed in various languages and operating systems. We take pride in the quality of our work – give us a chance to prove it to you.